China Unicom 5G CPE VN007 Released

China United Network Communications, which is one of the three China’s mobile operators (MNO), launched a stationary wireless LAN router made by UNICOM VSENS COMMUNICATIONS in China. The 5G wireless router model number is China Unicom 5G CPE VN007. It is a stationary wireless LAN router that can use 5G services that comply with the NR method of the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G) provided by China United Network Communications.




The 5G CPE VN007 is equipped with the UNISOC’s first 5G multi-mode baseband chip of UNISOC V510 developed by China’s UNISOC TECHNOLOGIES. The communication method supports NR/LTE method. The NR system is a dual mode 5G that supports both stand-alone (SA) and non-stand-alone (NSA) configurations.


 The frequency corresponds to the sub 6 GHz band, and the theoretical value of communication speed is 2.3 Gbps maximum for downlink and 1.15 Gbps maximum for uplink. In the SA configuration, VoNR (Voice over NR), which realizes a voice call by the NR method, can be used, and a voice call can be used by connecting a stationary phone.


UNISOC V510 enables its terminal products to work even in the harsh industrial environment due to its industrial standard design, which can be widely used in enterprise wireless network, campus network, 5G industrial Internet of Things, and other fields.



 The SIM card supports eSIM in addition to the physical Micro SIM (3FF) size SIM card. It also supports wireless LAN (2.4GHz/5GHz), which covers 360 degrees. It is developed through UNICOM VSENS COMMUNICATIONS, a wholly owned subsidiary of China United Network Communications, which is in charge of terminal related business, and manufactured by Guangzhou Tozed Kangwei Intelligent Technology of China.



 There is only one color available for the China Unicom 5G CPE: white. The product has been available in China since July 15, 2020 through a dealer of China United Network Communications. The price of China Unicom VN007 5G CPE is 599.00USD. It is now available at .