Fibocom Released 5G Smart Module SC171 at MWC2024

During the Mobile World Congress 2024, Fibocom announced: In addition to supporting the Android operating system, the 5G smart module SC171 is also compatible with Linux and Windows systems, helping more smart terminal customers iterate products quickly and expanding the coverage of intelligent applications.


The Fibocom SC171 series is designed based on the Qualcomm® QCM6490 IoT solution, featuring an 8-core high-performance processor (1 large core with a frequency of 2.7GHz + 3 large cores with a frequency of 2.4GHz + 4 small cores with a frequency of 1.95 GHz). The SC171 series integrates a high-performance GPU and high-speed HVX technology for image data processing. It supports dual-screen display at 2520×1080@60fps, and can simultaneously operate up to 5 cameras with powerful multimedia playback capabilities. With a computing power of up to 12TOPS, the SC171 efficiently processes data, integrates various AI algorithms, and helps terminals achieve edge computing and AI features.


In addition to being compatible with the smart Android operating system, the Fibocom 5G smart module SC171 is also pre-equipped with Linux and Windows systems, making it expandable to a more diverse range of IoT application terminals, such as smart cameras, industrial control machines, cash registers, vending machines, robots, and in-car devices.



In terms of communication, the SC171 series supports 5G/Wi-Fi 6 wireless communication, providing more flexible network access. As a global version of the 5G smart module, the SC171-GL is compatible with mainstream 5G frequency bands worldwide, meeting the different frequency band requirements of different terminals for 5G and helping customers quickly deploy in the global market. In terms of peripherals, the SC171 has various expansion interfaces such as dual USB, dual PCIe, MIPI, UART, SPI, I2C, making it the preferred solution for smart IoT terminals.



Zhao Yi, Vice President of Fibocom’s MC Division, said: The “5G+AI” joint empowerment drives the intelligent transformation of the industry, bringing revolutionary improvements to end-to-end deployment automation. The SC171, with a computing power of up to 12TOPS, supports mainstream operating systems such as Android, Linux, and Windows, and can be applied to a wider range of IoT scenarios, promoting the development of intelligent edge computing.



June 3, 2024