Quectel Released Rx255G Series RedCap with MediaTek

On February 22nd, Quectel, a leading global provider of IoT overall solutions, announced the upcoming launch of the Rx255G series 5G RedCap modules. This series of modules not only features key functions of 5G NR such as high reliability, low latency, and network slicing but also boasts advantages like compact design and ultra-low power consumption. It achieves a fine balance between cost, size, and performance, providing added momentum to the accelerated popularization of lightweight 5G.


RedCap, also known as Reduced Capability, is a lightweight technology introduced by 3GPP in the 5G Release 17 phase, representing a new technical standard protocol. This technology integrates 5G’s low latency, high reliability, and network slicing features into a more cost-competitive lightweight architecture. For applications requiring 5G features but not necessarily high data rates and large bandwidth, RedCap technology offers an economical and efficient solution.

Low Power Consumption, High Performance, and Competitive Cost Highlights


The MediaTek T300 series 5G RedCap platform embedded in the Rx255G series modules features MediaTek’s 5G RedCap UltraSave functionality, reducing power consumption by 60% compared to existing 4G IoT modules. Compared to 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) modems, power consumption is reduced by 70%. Additionally, when enabling R17 power-saving features, an extra 10% power saving is achieved.


The Rx255G series supports 5G Standalone (SA) and LTE Cat 4 dual-mode. It supports 20MHz bandwidth, 256QAM/64QAM modulation, with maximum downlink and uplink speeds reaching 220 Mbps and 121 Mbps respectively. Additionally, this series of modules supports GNSS positioning and other functions.


Norbert Muhrer, President and Chief Sales Officer of Quectel, stated: “We are pleased to once again bring new 5G RedCap module products to the global market. For IoT applications, the Rx255G series RedCap modules not only realize the key functions of 5G NR but also avoid high power consumption and costs, achieving a fine balance in all aspects and providing better support for a wide range of scenarios that require ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) and network slicing.”


Evan Su, General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communication Business Unit, said: “The T300 series is the world’s first 6nm RF SoC single-chip solution that supports RedCap. RedCap technology is a key enabler for driving the popularization of 5G, empowering our customers with optimized components and enabling various applications to access 5G networks at more competitive costs.”


Compatible Design, Widespread Applications


In terms of external design, the Rx255G series offers multiple packaging options, including LGA, M.2, and Mini PCIe, providing various interfaces including USB 2.0 and PCIe 1.0. Additionally, this series of modules is compatible with Quectel’s Cat 4 modules EG2x and EC2x series, offering customers a more expedited solution for migrating from Cat 4 to 5G.


The Rx255G series is highly suitable for applications such as smart grids, video networking, connected vehicles, POS terminals, industrial automation, and FWA (Fixed Wireless Access).


The Quectel 5G modules can be used together with a variety of Quectel antenna products, allowing end customers to purchase antennas tailored to their actual application scenarios, thus shortening the time to market for products.