SIMCOM Released New 5G Products at MWC2024

SIMCOM announced the release of the 5G modules SIM8270, SIM8390, SIM8230, and A8230 series, LTE-A module A7908, smart module SIM9650L, and Wi-Fi module W87 at the MWC event. These products cater to different customer demands in terms of cost, speed, and application scenarios in both domestic and international markets. It heralds a new era of ubiquitous connectivity in the 5G era.


5G Connects All

The next-generation 5G module SIMCOM SIM8270 supports both 5G non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) networking modes, while SIMCOM SIM8390 supports 5G NSA, SA, and mmWave modes. Both modules adopt LGA packaging, integrate GNSS positioning functions, and maintain compatibility with the AT commands of the SIMCOM SIM8260 series, facilitating rapid iteration of terminal products for customers and reducing development costs.



Moreover, the SIMCOM 5G modules SIM8270 and SIM8390 can be combined with the SIMCOM Wi-Fi module W87 to form various 5G+Wi-Fi 7 solutions.


SIMCOM SIM8230 is a 5G R17 SA multi-band RedCap module, packaged in LGA+LCC with compact dimensions. It integrates GNSS positioning functionality and is compatible with the AT commands of the SIM8260 series. Equipped with abundant functional interfaces, it provides great convenience for peripheral expansion while boasting advantages such as lightweight, low power consumption, small size, and high cost-effectiveness. It also supports various regional versions for Asia, North America, Europe, South America, etc., catering to the diverse needs of customers worldwide.


The new generation 5G R17 modules introduced by SIMCOM at this time exhibit superior performance in data transmission rate, power consumption, latency, and reliability, making them suitable for a wide range of terminal devices including 5G CPEs, wearable devices, industrial routers, high-definition video streaming boxes, AR/VR devices, drones, remote control, and robots.



At the exhibition, SIMCOM will also release a cost-effective 5G module A8230, providing a more economical solution for 5G+AIoT applications in terms of cost.



LTE-A Surfing Unlimited New Experience


LTE-A complements 5G, jointly providing mature and stable communication technology support for high-speed markets. SIMCOM A7908 is a highly integrated LTE Cat.6 module targeting the high-end application market for high-speed services. It features multi-mode, wide-band broadband, built-in DDR, dual PCIe, and Ethernet ports supporting 100M/1G, enabling single-chip soft routing functionality. It can be widely used in terminal devices such as CPEs, MiFi, mobile hotspots, security monitoring, and detection alarms.



AI Innovation Creates New Possibilities for the Future

SIMCOM SIM9650L is a high-computing power smart module with the Android 14 operating system, equipped with a Qualcomm 8-core 64-bit ARM V8 processor, Kyro 6xx CPU. Compared to previous generations of 4G smart modules, the SIM9650L series integrates AI processors Dual HVX and Hexagon Tensor Accelerator, with computing power exceeding 14Tops, and built-in Adreno™ VPU 633, supporting up to 4K 30 video encoding or 4K 60 video decoding.


It also supports multiple high-definition cameras, high-definition touch screens, and has powerful high-speed data transmission and multimedia processing capabilities, enabling customers to quickly develop products and applications related to operating systems and high performance advantages of smart modules, multimedia, wireless communication, etc.


The SIM9650L series integrates GPS high-precision positioning, BT5.2 short-distance communication, 2×2 MIMO, and Wi-Fi6E. It can be widely used in smart POS cash registers, logistics terminals, VR/AR devices, smart robots, vehicle-mounted devices, smart cabins, video surveillance, security monitoring, smart information collection devices, industrial-grade PDAs, and smart handheld terminals.



SIMCOM Looks to the Future New Journey

Looking forward to the future world of 5G+AI, SIMCOM continues to launch high-speed 5G, LTE-A modules, and high-computing power smart modules, as well as full-format module product lines such as 4G, LPWA, GNSS, focusing on the extensive application market of 5G+AIoT, bringing high-quality products to various fields such as homes, enterprises, industries, agriculture, and urban construction. In the future, SIMCOM will continue to work with partners to create more high-quality module products, providing more accurate products and services to customers at home and abroad.


March 5, 2024